Decades-long business experience of Russian and international organizations transforms into Tailored training technologies in an easy to understand language of dialog.


We can not offer our client any formal solution.Customization tis at the heart of our business.


We do have neither trainers nor psychologists with a wide range of courses. Our trainers have a proven record of success in particular business fields they give at the session.


We enjoy our work and share the idea that the training returns maximum output if the communication is clear and interesting. That is why our programs are always supported with real-life examples, video-illustrations, and binders of materials that include audio and video trainings.


We are proud that our clients set respective market standards and refer their success to partnership with Tailored..

History of Tailored

The history of Tailored started in 1998 in New-York, NY, USA. A group of managers from multinational companies came to a conclusion that the one-fits-all approach to people development did not return expected results.

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In principle, our programs do not contain common theories. Tailored goes forward with specific solutions. Majority of training sessions take one day that keeps associates close to their duties and optimizes expenses.


Clients find it easy and convenient to work with us. We strive to have participants generate ideas in a free and creative environment, keep discussions to the point, and accomplish assignments within designated periods.

Let us work out practical solutions together.

Head Office

195015, St.-Petersburg,
Kalugsky per., 3.

(+7 812) 716-22-55

Regional office

109240, Moscow, Moskvoretskaya naberezhnaya, 7, building 1.

(+7 495) 669-15-31
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In our training we deliberately avoid general theories. That does not imply that we reject works that incorporate experience and ideas of business and state leaders from different countries and times. Each Tailored training goes with multiple hand out packages that we share prior to, during and after the session.

Please pick up from our on-line library reading interesting for you. Materials in the Tailored on-line library are not intended for commercial use.

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Б. Гейтс
«Бизнес со скоростью мысли» (rus)
David Peoples
«Продажи снизу вверх» (rus)
Sam Walton
«Made In America» (rus)
Акио Морита
«Сделано в Японии» (rus)
Гэри Гудмен
«Семь секретов прирожденного продавца» (rus)
Д. Карнеги
«Как вырабатывть уверенность в себе и влиять на людей, выступая публично» (rus)
«Отличайся или погибай» (rus)
Дж. Кэмп
«Сначала скажите НЕТ» (rus)
«От хорошего к великому» (rus)
Джон Уитмор
«Коучинг высокой эффективности» (rus)
К. Нордстрем, Й. Риддерстрале
«Бизнес в стиле фанк» (rus)
«Принципы ведения войны» (rus)
Николло Макиавелли
«Государь» (rus)
«??скусство спора»(rus)
Стивен Кови
«Семь навыков преуспевающих людей» (rus)
Сунь Цзы
«??скусство войны» (rus)
Ямамото Цунэтомо
«Сокрытое в листве» (rus)

What do we do?

We facilitate our clients step change their competitiveness behind maximized performance of their teams. We do only customized and practice-based training programs. We work out efficient and convenient tools to achieve concrete goals of our clients. We go from business practices accumulated by international and Russian companies and it's best experts.

Who do we work for?

Clients of Tailored are companies aspiring to lead their markets and thus, train and develop their associates. We together prepare the teams to solve complex issues in an evolving competition.

We do not give our clients open training sessions in multiple areas. We go after specific tools as to increase sales and improve customer service in particular business units and some other.

News of Tailored

December 2017
Tailored team wishes all partners, clients and colleagues Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Good luck and joy to you and your relatives!

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Tailored training programms

We offer practical solutions exclusively in areas where our expertise is:

Art of sales and negotiations,
Client service and building long-term relationships with the client,
Personnel management and evaluation,
Strategy, planning and objectives management.

We design the Tailored training format as to balance efficiency, ease and convenience. For this reason, each Tailored session consists of 12 steps of training .

Lizett Boda, General manager of hotels in St.-Petersburg
«I thank for very informative training with so many ideas that we can use either as individuals or as a team!»

Olga Sergeeva, Client Service Director
«I evaluate the annual training program for Sales and Service departments as very successful. It is important that in the course of the program Mercerdes_Benz Rus recognized our company “The Best Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Customer Service Quality”»
Anna Itsikson, HR Director, PARK INN Pulkovskaya
«Training consisted on 100 % from practical tools supported by actual business cases, discussions, video-illustrations and practical examples. Tailored training was the best training we ever had for company top management.»
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Elena Shestakova, Regional HR Manager
«Tailored team is very result-oriented. After each training they make highly qualitative follow- up. Working sessions and trainings are filled by group work and discussions. Participants always leave positive feed-back, they recommend Tailored trainings to colleagues, and also always mark their practicality.»
Irina Voitova, Head of Sales Division
«Through the business cases created by Tailored specially for us on the basis of real situations of our business practice, through interactive model of training, and certainly, through practical Tailored tools, Tailored team regularly help us to reach our goals in strengthening of our management team and our staff.»