Three winning Tailored solutions

Tailored successfully and expeditiously transformed the training programs together with the industry leader among the country’s gas distribution organizations thanks to three key factors. 

We were able to fully “get comfortable in the “remote training operation” due to simple but thoughtful solutions:

  1. the platform flexibility, when Tailored clients have the opportunity to choose a site, starting from exclusive development of Tailored IT partners to internal corporate platforms or generally available familiar options,
  2. the correct bet on interactivity, and not on the “webinar product”, which allowed us to transform programs quickly and make them alive and effective,
  3. team proactivity and co-creation with clients, who, no matter what , maintain the rhythm of the business and do not waste time.

It is not surprising that one of the first teams, that immediately supported our approach, was the innovative team of gas branch  professionals with the mission to create the highest quality of life in the Moscow region with all available resources and talents, contributing to the professional and personal development of their employees, as well as employees of organizations – partners.

The quality of the jointly created product is also reflected in the feedback from the participants of the programs:

“- An explanation of the tools with clear examples. Logicality. Simplicity of the communication. ”

“- The way to submit information in the form of an interactive is important!”

“- The program has a lot of useful, previously unknown information. Practical exercises were also extremely helpful. ”

It was especially important for us that our clients, despite the abundance of purchased tools, immediately believed in our exclusive LIT platform and successfully launched a series of programs on it. Thanks for your trust!

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